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Trackable waste recovered

Key finding

Putrescible and organic wastes made up 46% of trackable wastes recovered for recycling, reclamation, direct re-use or alternative use in Queensland in 2015–2016.

Trackable waste includes environmentally-damaging materials listed in Schedule 2E of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008. While all trackable wastes are regulated waste, not all regulated wastes are trackable.

Trackable wastes are generated from commercial/industrial activities and the amount of waste tracked is directly related to the amount of wastes generated by commercial activities.

About 565,863t of trackable waste was recovered in 2015–2016.

The largest amounts of trackable waste recovered were in the high-level category of ‘putrescible and organic wastes’ which includes:

  • sewage sludge and residues
  • grease trap
  • animal effluent and residues
  • liquid food processing
  • tannery wastes.

More information:

Indicator: Tonnage of trackable waste recovered

Tonnage of trackable waste recovered for each year period from 2011–2012 to 2015–2016. For 2015–2016, this is broken down as a proportion of material type content.

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Last updated 12 February 2020