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Number of litter items for different site types

Key finding

The average number of litter items is higher in Queensland than Australia across all site types particularly beaches, retail strips, highways and recreational areas. Average litter items at shopping centres in Queensland have decreased in recent surveys.

The National Litter Index provides estimates of litter across 8 site types:

  • beaches (jetties, boat ramps, beaches)
  • car parks (open space public car parks)
  • highways (major roads bounded by vegetation)
  • industrial sites (streets within an industrial area)
  • recreational parks (parks with a playground)
  • residential sites (streets within a residential area)
  • retail strips (areas in front of a strip of shops)
  • shopping centres (shopping centre entrances).

Retail strips have the highest number of litter items at both Queensland and Australian sites, while recreational parks and residential sites have relatively low amounts of litter.

The average number of litter items at residential sites in Queensland has improved faster than the Australian average since 2005.

Highway sites in Queensland have more litter despite a decline at similar sites elsewhere in Australia.

More litter is found in car parks and industrial sites in Queensland too.

There is scope for improvements in Queensland at beaches, retail strips, retail strips, highways and recreational areas.

More information:

Indicator: Comparison between Queensland and national average for different site types

Count of litter items per 1000m² by site type for Queensland and Australia, 2005–2006 to 2016–2017 (data from the National Litter Index).

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Last updated 10 May 2019