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Household waste landfilled

Key finding

The amount of domestic kerbside waste sent to landfill increased from about 1.21 million tonnes in 2014-2015 to about 1.26 million tonnes in 2016-2017.

Waste regions (information applies statewide, map locations are for reference only)

Household waste (municipal solid) is waste generated by domestic activities. It includes waste collected from households via kerbside services, from public place bins, or self-hauled by residents to council facilities.

Since 2007-2008, the amount of household waste sent to landfill has averaged about 1.761 million tonnes per year. This includes an average of about 1.236 million tonnes collected via kerbside bin services.

Household waste sent to landfill during the past 3 years is comparable to the long-term average.

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Indicator: Tonnage of solid waste landfilled (solid received and disposal)

Yearly total Queensland household waste sent to disposal from 2007–2017.  This includes the regular kerbside waste bin collection, waste deposited in public place bins, or self-hauled domestic waste. For 2016–2017 totals for regional groupings (a combination of local government areas) are shown.

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Last updated 12 February 2020