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Tourism pressure on Fraser Island

Key finding

Increased tourism in the Fraser Island World Heritage Area is acting as a driver for a number of threats.

Fraser Island (information applies statewide, map locations are for reference only)

Increasing tourist numbers and associated vehicles and infrastructure impacts, while localised, can be intensive around iconic sites, specifically causing:

  • some deterioration of World Heritage aesthetics (criterion vii)
  • localised geological impacts (criterion viii)
  • localised ecological and evolutionary impacts (criterion xi).

National Park management plans address visitor issues through infrastructure design and management to minimise impact to sensitive areas and World Heritage values.

Pollution and siltation to aquatic areas, particularly the perched lakes and streams, has been raised as impacting on World Heritage values (partially those associated with criterion ix and the evolution of vertebrates and invertebrates). Impacts would be constrained in scale and extent to the high use visitor sites. Water quality monitoring indicates no significant impacts.

This threat is considered low.

More information:

Indicator: Tourism/visitors/recreation

Tourism/visitor/recreation pressure on the Fraser Island World Heritage Area.

Last updated 12 February 2020