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Queensland places in the National Heritage List

Key Finding

One new place — Quinkan Country, Cape York Peninsula — was entered in the National Heritage List 2018, bringing to 13 the number of Queensland places held on the register.

The National Heritage List is Australia’s list of natural, historic, and Indigenous places of outstanding significance to the nation.

National Heritage listing occurs through a nomination process, assessed by the Australian Heritage Council against set criteria and ultimately decided by the Federal Minister for the Environment.

Of the 116 places on the National Heritage List, 13 are in Queensland.

The latest Queensland place to be included is:

  • Quinkan Country, Peninsula Developmental Road, Laura, north Queensland (Indigenous)
  • Australian Fossil Mammal Sites, Riversleigh, western Queensland (natural)
  • Dinosaur Stampede National Monument, Winton–Jundah Road, western Queensland (natural)
  • Fraser Island, southern Queensland coast (natural)
  • Glass House Mountains National Landscape, south east Queensland (natural, Indigenous and historic)
  • Great Artesian Basin Springs: Elizabeth–Springvale Road, western Queensland (natural)
  • Great Barrier Reef (natural)
  • Ngarrabullgan, Mount Mulligan Road, north Queensland (Indigenous)
  • QANTAS Hangar, Longreach, western Queensland (historic)
  • Tree of Knowledge and curtilage, Barcaldine, western Queensland (historic)
  • Wet Tropics of Queensland, north Queensland (natural)
  • Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, south east Queensland (natural)
  • The Dig Tree and Fort Wills Site (part of The Burke, Wills, King and Yandruwandha National Heritage Place), south west Queensland (historic).

The National Heritage List includes 4 places entered in the Queensland Heritage Register:

  • Glass House Mountains National Landscape
  • QANTAS Hangar, Longreach
  • The Dig Tree and Fort Wills Site
  • The Tree of Knowledge.

The places currently listed do not necessarily represent the full extent of Queensland’s natural, historic and Indigenous places that may meet the criteria for entry on the National List.

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