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Queensland heritage places destroyed

Key Finding

Three State Heritage Places were removed from the Queensland Heritage Register in 2018–2020 as destroyed places.

Since 2018, 3 Queensland Heritage Places have been removed from the Queensland Heritage Register as destroyed places.

Fire destroyed 2 places:

  • The Grand Hotel, Hughenden
  • Victoria Park Hotel, Townsville.

Flooding associated with Cyclone Oswald destroyed 1 place:

  • Harlin Rail Bridge.

Extreme events since 2018 — including cyclones, floods, severe storms and fire — have seen substantial impacts and damage occurring to several Queensland Heritage Places.

Provisions in the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 (introduced in 2011) allow for the removal of Heritage places from the Queensland Heritage Register if they have been substantially destroyed by natural causes or demolished through approved development.

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Relevant Sustainable Development Goals’ targets


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Number of Queensland heritage places destroyed by local government area for 2012–2020.