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Queensland Future Climate Dashboard

Queensland Future Climate Dashboard

The Queensland Future Climate Dashboard, launched in late 2018, is helping emergency and health services, local governments and communities better prepare for potential increases in the frequency and severity of extreme weather.

The dashboard allows users to explore, visualise and download the latest Queensland-specific climate modelling data across regions.

Climate projection data is available for the years 2030, 2050 and 2070 for Queensland and can be filtered by local government area, regional planning area, bioregions, major river basins or disaster districts.

Alongside the dashboard, the Understanding Future Climate resource provides guidance on interpreting climate data, as well as heatwave and water security information.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Health and the Department of Environment and Science used Dashboard data for the Queensland Heatwave Risk Assessment 2019. This assessment will help stakeholders understand and manage heatwave risk.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services also incorporated dashboard data in the Queensland Emergency Risk Management Framework.

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