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Pumpkin Island

Pumpkin Island

Pumpkin Island sits in the Southern Great Barrier Reef’s Keppel group of islands, 14 kilometres off the coast of Yeppoon. Pumpkin Island Retreat offers guests eco-friendly accommodation in 7 self-catering units that are powered by the wind and the sun.

Pumpkin Island Retreat has improved its business profitability and achieved a strong international reputation through its sustainability initiatives. It is Australia’s first carbon positive island resort and offsets 150% of its annual carbon emissions.

  • Cost savings through solar: Solar power fridges have reduced the resort’s use of LPG fuel by 88% and removed the need to transport fuel to the island from the main land, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced reputation through sustainability: Pumpkin Island’s beyond carbon neutral status has been a significant drawcard for environmentally-aware international tourists, along with its work to conserve local wildlife such as dolphins and turtles. Its reputation was further enhanced when it won the 2018 Boutique Hotel award for Australasia’s most sustainable hotel.
  • Greater energy efficiency: Pumpkin Island powers its water pump, fans, lights and fridges, coffee machines, bar and office with 12-volt solar and wind power. Each cottage has an average-size fridge, barbecue grill and plate, and a stove top kettle. Small appliances such as toasters and hair dryers are not available and guests are encouraged to be conservative with energy usage.
  • Improved water efficiency: Water is a precious resource on the island. Each of the cottages has a ceramic bench top filter that is topped up regularly to ensure a supply of pure filtered rain water for drinking.
  • Reduced waste: The resort seeks to minimise its waste and guests are invited to bring refillable drink water bottles to help reduce plastic pollution. This results in a more enjoyable environment for guests and reduces costs associated with waste removal.

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