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Communities in Transition Pilot Program

Communities in Transition Pilot Program - Rockhampton

The Communities in Transition program is assisting 6 Queensland communities to navigate global transitions for long-term viability and sustainability. The program helps them identify the steps necessary to build economic prosperity while also moving towards a lower carbon economy. It is place-based, led by community participants with support from an export consortium and informed by each community’s heritage and culture, skills and knowledge, resources, infrastructure, location and economy.

In Rockhampton, shared council, industry and community leadership has focused on identifying a priority pathway aimed at Making Water Work, delivering greater regional benefit from agricultural water, supply and value chain development for the Rockhampton region.

The pathway identifies opportunities for the expansion of agricultural development in the Rockhampton region, building on recent work in the agriculture sector and the announcement of the Rookwood Weir, while recognising obligations to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Opportunities have been identified to shift towards a more circular economy and build more integrated supply chains in the agricultural sector. These include new techniques in the design and management of new agricultural lands, for nutrient extraction in aquaculture, and the potential for greater integration of feed production, soil enhancement and nutrient reuse between these 2 sectors.

In December 2019, the project delivered a roadmap for future sustainable economic development and business cases to support implementation.

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