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Major threats to flora species

Key finding

Thirty-four major threats have been identified that impact on Queensland threatened flora. The threats affecting the most species are ‘inappropriate fire regimes’, ’weeds’ and ‘clearing of vegetation’.

A range of pressures put species at threat of extinction within Queensland. Under the Queensland Government’s Back on Track species prioritisation framework, major threats were identified for more than 270 priority flora and fauna species.

Thirty-four major threats were identified as impacting on Queensland’s threatened flora primarily:

  • ‘inappropriate fire regimes’ (73 species)
  • ‘weeds’ (58 species)
  • ‘clearing of vegetation’ (47 species).

‘Inappropriate grazing regimes’ and ‘collectors’ also affect a significant number of plant species (38 and 32 species respectively).

More information:

Indicator: Major threats to flora species

Major threats to threatened flora and numbers of flora affected by the threat. Data is current as at September 2015.

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Last updated 14 July 2020