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Major threats to fauna species

Key Finding

Sixty-eight major threats have previously been identified that impact on Queensland threatened fauna. The threats affecting the most species are ‘inappropriate fire regimes’, ‘clearing of vegetation’, ‘introduced predators’ and ‘inappropriate grazing regimes’.  The impacts associated with climate change has also been identified as a major factor in fauna species persistence in Queensland.

A range of pressures put species at threat of extinction within Queensland.

Of the 68 major threats previously identified that impact on Queensland threatened fauna, the most significant are:

  • inappropriate fire regimes
  • clearing of vegetation
  • inappropriate grazing regimes
  • introduced predators.

Climate change also is expected to have both direct and indirect impacts on fauna in Queensland and the habitat that support them.

As one of the key threats is inappropriate fire regimes, actively engaging and working cooperatively with First Nations People to introduce a traditional fire management approach may contribute to significantly reducing this threat.

The Department is changing the way it prioritises threats to fauna species under its new Threatened Species Program which is currently under development and new information about threats will be available for the next State of the Environment Report.

More information:

Relevant Sustainable Development Goals’ targets


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Major threats to threatened fauna and numbers of fauna affected by the threat. Data is current as at May 2020.