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Marine parks and fish habitat areas

Key finding

About 17%, or 1.8 million hectares, of Queensland’s total marine wetlands are in highly protected marine park zones or declared fish habitat areas.

Marine wetlands include the area of ocean from the coastline to 6m below the lowest astronomical tide.

There are about 10.8 million hectares of marine wetlands within Queensland waters. Of this, about 1.8 million hectares (17%) are within a highly protected marine park zone or a declared fish habitat area.

Highly protected marine park zones account for most of the protected marine wetlands, with more than 1.5 million hectares (83%) included in these marine park zones. About 1.1 million hectares, or 77%, of that total is zoned as marine national park, with much of the remainder in conservation park zoning.

Marine wetlands in declared fish habitat areas covers more than 400,000ha, or 22% of the total protected marine wetlands.

More information:

Indicator: Proportion of marine wetlands that contain marine parks (highly protected zone) or fish habitat areas

The proportion of marine wetlands that are within: Areas of Fish Habitat under the Fisheries Act 2008 and State Marine Parks (Highly Protected Zones) under the Marine Parks Act 2004. Data is based on the latest Queensland Wetland Mapping (version 4, 2013) and the most current Fish habitat and Marine Parks mapping (2017).

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Last updated 12 February 2020