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The Future is Electric — Queensland’s Electric Superhighway

The Future is Electric – Queensland’s Electric Superhighway

Queensland has taken the lead in accelerating the transition to a cleaner transport system.

With limited electric cars available for the Australian market and a lack of charging infrastructure, Australia has fallen behind other developed countries in electric vehicle (EV) uptake.

The Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH), announced in June 2017 and completed 6 months later, enables EV drivers to travel from Cairns to Coolangatta and from Brisbane to Toowoomba in a low or zero emissions vehicle.

Fast charging stations – that can for example, recharge a Nissan Leaf to 80% in about 20-30 minutes – have been installed in 17 safe and convenient locations on those routes. Queensland now has the most EV-charging stations of any Australian state or territory.

In 2016, Queensland had fewer than 300 EVs on the road: by early 2018, this had more than doubled, with 750 registered EVs.

To ensure that the full emissions reduction potential of EVs is realised, the electricity used to power the charging stations is either purchased through green energy credits or offset.

The QESH was developed in close collaboration with local councils and universities.

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