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Navigating the Queensland State of the Environment 2017

You are viewing an archived copy of the 2017 report.

View the current 2020 report.

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Welcome to the web-based State of the Environment report.

You can navigate to the report content via the homepage using the theme icons. Or from anywhere in the site from the top navigation tool bar.

The website is accompanied by the Queensland State of the Environment 2017 Summary and management responses document which provides a summary of the report’s key findings.

The homepage also contains links to social media sites.

‘About’ gives you general information about the current report as well as access links to previous reports. You can also see an overview of the report structure.

The home page and each of the themes feature videos as an introduction to the content.

As you click a sub-theme, key messages about that sub-theme will appear.

You will find the key findings grouped by state and by pressure. You can also find related programs on the website.

As you click on a key finding it will allow you to interrogate spatial data and maps with regionally specific interpretive text, tables, graphs and charts.

All data found on the State of the Environment Report website is available on the Queensland Government data portal.

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The web-based State of the Environment Report is more than just a report, it’s a resource.

Last updated 12 February 2020