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Accept, Act, Adapt — building the resilience of the world’s oldest rainforest

Accept, Act, Adapt: building the resilience of the world’s oldest rainforest

Early warning indicators of warming and drying from our changing climate are of real concern to those managing the world’s oldest rainforest, far north Queensland’s Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

In November 2019, the Wet Tropics Management Authority released a climate adaptation plan based around a three-word call for action by government and community.

Accept. Act. Adapt.

Developed in partnership with the community, land managers, scientists, and Traditional Custodians, Accept. Act. Adapt: Climate Adaptation Plan for the Wet Tropics 2020–2030 outlines specific actions needed to manage natural systems in the Wet Tropics while supporting their adaptation to climate change. It also sets out tangible steps to build the resilience of the Wet Tropics’ natural systems, cultures, communities, and economies.

The plan guides the Authority’s future strategic direction. A Creating Our Climate Future forum in early 2020 provided further opportunity to collectively discuss the challenges and identify practical, positive actions with leaders in business, natural resource management, tourism, local government, youth and environmental agencies.

It has led to an Authority-led focus group, including representatives from key sectors, to identify the next steps. Fire management of the World Heritage-listed rainforests, using Rainforest Aboriginal Peoples’ traditional knowledge, and programs to increase the resilience of the World Heritage Area are priorities.

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