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Queensland’s State of the Environment report, or SoE, presents a comprehensive picture measuring the extent and condition of Queensland’s environmental assets, and pressures facing these assets.

The report is a legislative requirement under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995 and is updated every two years.

This is the 7th report for Queensland and the second to be published in a web-based format.

It’s a snapshot of the current state of Queensland’s environment. It’s been compiled as an interactive, web-based product based around five major themes; Biodiversity, Heritage, Pollution,  Climate and Human Settlements.

To provide the comprehensive level of reporting required, each of these themes is divided into sub-themes.

Biodiversity has four sub-themes, Heritage has three, Pollution has four, Climate has two and Human Settlements has one.

Each of these sub-themes reports on the extent and condition of that particular environmental asset, and the key pressures it faces.

The actions taken to protect, maintain and restore environmental assets are reported on in the SoE Summary and Management Responses document.

Let’s take a closer look at the five themes, you can navigate through the website at your own speed to find the theme or themes you’re most interested in.

Human Settlements is the fifth major theme of the State of the Environment Report and has one sub-theme: urban.

Human Settlements can be a major driver of environmental change, putting pressure on the natural environment.

This report focuses on urban settlements, which are home to the majority of Queenslanders.  The way population growth and expansion occurs can affect our communities and quality of life. It can also cause changes in land use, not just in urban areas, but also in adjacent rural locations.

The next update of this report will be released in 2020 and will include rural settlements.

Queensland’s web-based State of the Environment report has been compiled around five major themes.

Explore. Share. Learn. Queensland’s State of the Environment Report is more than just a report — it’s a resource.

Last updated 15 May 2019