Industrial processes sector greenhouse gas emissions

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Key finding

Emissions from the industrial processes sector increased 11% between 2005 and 2014 due largely to increased use of replacements for ozone-depleting substances.

Queensland’s industrial processes sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have grown steadily from 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 1990 to reach 6.2 million tonnes in 2014.

Industrial processes involve activities such as metal manufacturing, industrial refrigeration and electricity distribution (poles and wires). GHG emissions from halocarbons, a replacement for ozone-depleting substances used in refrigeration, are increasing.

The graph’s 'other' category includes non-energy products from fuels and solvent use, as well as other product manufacture and use.

More information:

Indicator: Greenhouse gas emissions, in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 – e), of industrial processes sector

Queensland annual greenhouse gas emissions in millions of tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent from 1990-2014 by industrial process sector.

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